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Top 50 Tourist Places In South India

Famous tourist places to visit in South India

South India tourists are very much liked as this southern part of India is famous all over the world for the beautiful tourist spots, temples, churches and its attractive beaches. In South India, you will find many lakes, waterfalls, ponds and rivers which further enhance the natural beauty of the region. Apart from this, there are opportunities to visit the attractions, attractions, parks and attractions in South India.

In this article, we are going to tell you about 50 places to visit in South India. If you also want to get more information about these places of South India, then definitely read this article of ours.

Famous tourist places to visit in South India

1. कूर्ग – Coorg Hill Station

Coorg Hill Station

Coorg hill stations are one of the major places to visit in South India. This place is famous for its natural beauty, panoramic environment, lush green hills, high altitude cascading, Golden Temple, Talakveri Temple as well as sunrise and sunset. The best time to visit Coorg Hill Station is considered to be between October to March after the rain.

2. बांदीपुर राष्ट्रीय उद्यान – Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park

Bandipur National Park is an attractive tourist destination comprising major places to visit in South India. It is named among the most beautiful and better managed national parks in India. The Bandipur National Park forms an important part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. In the park you will find many animals besides sambar, four horned antelopes, elephants and deer.

3. मैसूर पैलेस – Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace is one of the major attractions of South India tourism, a historic building located in the state of Karnataka, India. This fort of Mysore is also known as Amba Vilas Palace. The Mysore Palace has been the palace of the royal family and still holds the palace. The land on which this palace stands is known as Purgiri. This palace is situated in the center of Mysore city and is facing towards Chamundi Hills. Mysore is commonly known as the 'City of Palaces'.

4. हम्पी – Hampi


Hampi, a major tourist destination in South India, is a huge temple situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in the Indian state of Karnataka. Which are famous all over the world for their beautiful and huge carved temples. Especially for the Virupaksha temple built here which is dedicated to the patron deity of the Vijay Nagar empire. The city of Hampi, spread as ruins, has also been included in UNESCO World Heritage in 1986.

5. Bangalore - Bangalore


Bangalore is the third largest city in the country located in the southern region of India. Earlier Bangalore was known as Garden City. But gradually it has grown to become the third largest city in the country for those living in Silicon Valley. The growth of IT in Bangalore has given the city a facelift. Not only for these things, Bangalore is also a good place to roam. Apart from being a modern city, it also showcases the city's ancient heritage and architecture.Here you will also get to see man-made structures from gardens, museums. There are many attractions in Bangalore that focus on you. The city is famous for natural lakes, malls, museums, art galleries.

6. मारवन्थे बीच – Maravanthe Beach In Karnataka

Maravanthe Beach In Karnataka

Maravanthe is one of the beautiful and peace loving villages in South India, which is popular among tourists for its attractive beach. The village is located near Kundapura in the state of Karnataka, India. The spectacular view of the sunset adds to the beauty of the place. Tourists often visit the place in large numbers during the winter season.

7. उडुपी – Udupi Karnataka

Udupi Karnataka

Udupi is famous for its beautiful temples included in the list of major tourist destinations of South India. Especially the temple of Lord Shri Krishna remains the center of the faith of devotees. Udupi is also known for its delicious seafood. Carved temples, magnificent buildings, natural forests and ancient seashore are major attractions in Udupi.

8. मदिकेरी – Madikeri


Madikeri is a beautiful tourist destination among the delightful places of South India, which is known for its peace loving atmosphere. Madikeri is a beautiful hill station in the state of Karnataka, India that can be visited by tourists during a visit to Coorg Hill Station. For your information, let us know that the Madikeri tourist destination is known for its great picnic and holiday. The best time to visit Madikeri Hill Station is considered to be from October to March during winter.

9. मुरुदेश्वर – Murudeshwar Karnataka

Murudeshwar Karnataka

Murudeshwar, one of the major religious places of South India tourism, is located in a city called Bhatkal in Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka. This place is known for the tallest statue of Lord Shiva. The Murudeshwar religious tourist place is surrounded by the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. Murudeshwar is a spectacular pilgrimage and picnic spot, as well as Netrani Island, famous for snorkeling and scuba diving.

10. बीजापुर – Bijapur


Bijapur is one of the major scenic spots in South India, which is very famous for the Gol Gumbaz. Tourists come in large numbers to visit the Gol Gumbaz at this historic place built in the 10th-11th century.

11. बादामी – Badami

Badami is a magnificent place in South India that attracts tourists easily. Badami is famous for its beautiful rock cut cave temples and more monuments.

12. नागरहोल नेशनल पार्क – Nagarhole National Park

Nagarhole National Park

Among the major attractions to visit in South India are Nagarhole National Park. Which are located on the banks of Kannada Cobra River in local language. This place is also known for its sparkling waterfalls with flora and fauna.

13. गोकर्ण – Gokarna


Gokarna is a small pilgrimage site related to Hinduism located in the state of Karnataka in South India. This place is famous for ancient beaches and temples. Major attractions here include coconut and palm trees etc. Apart from this, this place is also known for its beautiful sea beach.

14. अलप्पुझा (एलेप्पी) – Alappuzha Alleppey

Alappuzha Alleppey

The famous Alappuzha (Alleppey) of South India tourism is known for taking water rides in a small boat. This famous place of Kerala state attracts tourists a lot. Provides the experience of swimming on the backwaters as well as the enjoyment of beaches, temples, traditional boat races.

15. वर्कला बीच केरल – Varkala Beach Kerala

Varkala Beach Kerala

Varkala Beach, one of the places to visit in South India, is located in the state of Kerala. Varkala Beach offers sumptuous sea food. Varkala Beach is very famous for its natural fishes, waterfalls, beaches, hills, lakes, forts and lighthouses.

16. मुन्नार हिल स्टेशन – Munnar


Munnar Hill Station is located in the state of Kerala in South India and travel to Munnar is a tourist attraction. Munnar has the largest tea plantations in South India and due to these tea plantations Munnar has become the most famous hill station. This small hill station is also home to many other endangered species.

17. कोवलम बीच केरला – Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is a beautiful beach incorporated in South India. It is a famous village for an Ayurveda retreat and shopping. Kovalam is counted as an internationally beautiful sea. Tourists enjoy surfing, motorboat rides, swimming, herbal body toning massages and sunshine.

18. कोच्चि – Kochi


Kochi tourist destination included among the famous places of South India is spread over a range of islands in the state of Kerala, India. Kochi tourist destination is surrounded by sea and backwaters. This place is known for highlighting old world charm. Tourists prefer to visit this place between October to March.

19. वायनाड केरल – Wayanad Kerala

Wayanad Kerala

South India Attractions Wayanad Located in the state of Kerala, which is a beautiful place in the hills of the Western Ghats. Wayanad being a part of the Eucalyptus Biosphere Reserve, the city is famous for its spicy plantations, historical caves and exotic wildlife.

20. त्रिशूर – Thrissur


Thrissur is one of the beautiful tourist destinations of South India. The view of the festivals celebrated in Thrissur is very interesting. Thrissur is known for its cultural traditions, classical Kerala performing arts, religious places and the famous Onam festival among the major attractions of Kerala.

21. कोल्लम – Kollam


Kollam located in South India is very famous for the land of cashew and Ashtamudi backwaters. Kollam is famous for the beauty of beautiful nature environment, rich in unique culture. Apart from spices and cashew nuts from Kollam, Kollam is known for its calmness of Ashtamudi lake, coconut trees and backwaters.

22. त्रिवेंद्रम (तिरुवनंतपुरम) – Thiruvananthapuram


Trivandrum is also known as Thiruvananthapuram. Despite being the capital of Kerala, Trivandrum is a very simple city. There is a lot for tourists to visit here. While retaining its cultural charm, Trivandrum displays a variety of sightseeing sites, including incredible museums, beautifully designed palaces, sacred temples and enchanting beaches.

23. कुमारकोम – Kumarakom


Vembanad Lake, situated on the banks of Kerala's largest lake, is a group of many small islands reconstructed from Kumarakom Lake. Alleppey along Kumarakom, part of the Kuttanad region, has beautiful water areas and they are collectively the most important tourist center of Kerala. Sailing from Alleppey to Kumarakom you can enjoy a cruise or houseboat. You can spend the whole evening and night on a houseboat. Some fishing and canoeing options will make the trip to Kumarakom memorable.

24. इडुक्की केरल – Idukki Kerala

Idukki Kerala

Places to visit in South India Idukki are an incredible place to enjoy the diverse tourist destination of Kerala. It can prove to be an ideal destination for tourists looking for offbeat destinations in South India. It is considered best to visit Idukki between October and February.

25. देवीकुलम – Devikulam Kerala

Devikulam Kerala

In South India, the search for honeymoon destinations ends in Devikulam. Devikulam is located around 11 km from Munnar and is known as a spectacular picnic spot. Devikulam Hill Station is scattered in its antiquity for its vast range of nature beauty as well as velvety lawns, exotic flora and fauna.

26. ऊटी – Ooty


Ooty is a beautiful tourist destination nestled in the Nilgiri Hills in the state of Tamil Nadu in South India. Ooty's full name is Udagamandalam. It is also known as the Queen of Hills. It is located 86 km north of Coimbatore and 128 km south of Mysore. Ooty is a very popular tourist destination which is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the country as well as abroad.

27. कन्याकुमारी – Kanyakumari Ki Yatra

Kanyakumari Ki Yatra

Kanyakumari is a city located in the far south of the state of Tamil Nadu, which is very popular for tourism. There are many places to visit in Kanyakumari, Kanyakumari, situated at the southernmost tip of India, is included in the attractive place of India. It is the confluence of the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea, whose captivating charm draws tourists here. Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India, has been a symbol of art, culture and civilization for centuries.

28. कोडाइकनाल – Kodaikanal


Kodaikanal is located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India and is one of the most popular honeymoon hill stations in India. The climate of Kodaikanal makes this place special for tourists. Thinking about the Kodaikanal tourist spot, the enchanting climate here, beautiful fog covered mountains, valleys and beautiful lakes attract tourists to Kodaikanal. Situated at an altitude of 7200 feet, 'Kodaikanal is a splendid example of ethereal beauty and charm of pardik.

29. मदुरई – Madurai


Madurai is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu located on the banks of the Vaigai River, one of the main places to visit in South India. This holy city is believed to be the oldest in India. It is surrounded by the Sirumalai hills in the north and the Nagamalai hills in the south.

The city gets its name from the word ‘Madhura’ which means sweetness. It is known by many other names, such as 'City of Four Junctions', 'Athens of the East', 'City of Festivals', 'Lotus City' and 'Sleeveless City', as each of these names are in the rough of the city Refers to the portion.

30. रामेश्वरम – Rameshwaram


Rameswaram, which is among the major sights of South India, has its own identity. Especially this place is very famous for its scenic temples which is located in Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu state. This temple is a sacred temple of Hindus and is considered one of the four dhams. Rameswaram Temple is also known as Ramanathaswamy Temple.

31. तंजावुर तमिलनाडु – Thanjavur


Thanjavur is a historical place in southern India known for its cultural, civilizational and famous Tanjore paintings, antiques, handicrafts, textiles and scenic temples. The major attractions here are Saraswati Mahal Library, Shiva Ganga Garden, Sangeeta Mahal etc. For your information, let us know that the best time to visit Thanjavur is from October to March.

32. महाबलीपुरम मंदिर – Mahabalipuram Temple

Mahabalipuram Temple

Mahabalipuram Temples, which are among the sightseers of South India, are a huge and imposing structure situated on the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. Mahabalipuram is famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves. This historic Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu is known as a spectacular destination for tourists visiting here. Mahabalipuram has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1984.

33. कांचीपुरम – Kanchipuram


Kanchipuram tourist destinations are among the major attractions of South India. Kanchipuram is known for its beautiful sarees. Apart from this, Kanchipuram is also famous for its thousands of scenic temples, hence Kanchipuram is also known as the Golden City of the state of Tamil Nadu.

34. चेन्नई – Chennai


Chennai is formerly known as Madras. Explain that it is the fourth largest state of India and is one of the major tourist attractions of South India. Chennai is a city with a rich cultural history that balances its heritage with its rich modern lifestyle. Chennai is famous for its skyscrapers and the old temples and churches in its various parts are quite crowded.

35. यरकौड – Yercaud Hill Station

Yercaud Hill Station

The beautiful hill station of South India tourism is a great place to celebrate Yercaud honeymoon and to be in solitude of couples. Yercaud Hill stations are very famous for beautiful forests and amazing lakes. Tourists who seek natural beauty and beautiful environment can visit this popular hill station.

36. कोयम्बटूर – Coimbatore


Coimbatore is a major city in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is also known as Kovai and Coyamuthur. It is situated on the banks of the Noyyal River and is surrounded by the Western Ghats. It is called Manchester of South India. It is one of the fastest growing cities in India and the second largest city in Tamil Nadu.

37. कुन्नूर – Coonoor Hill Station

Coonoor Hill Station

Coonoor hill stations are a major tourist destination in South India, especially for tourists who are looking for solitude. Places for writers, poets are nothing short of heaven. For your information, let us know that the Coonoor Hill Station is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiri Hills, which attracts tourists easily.

38. तिरुपति बालाजी – Tirupati Balaji

Tirupati Balaji

The Tirupati Balaji Temple is more famous among the major religious places of the country and South India. This Venkateswara Temple is a historic temple situated on the hill of Tirumala in Tirupati in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. The beauty of South India is also from the beaches, natural scenes and temples built here. To say that every temple here is the center of attraction, but people have more faith in this temple famous in India as Tirupati Balaji as Vishnu God.

39. अरकू वैली – Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Araku Valley is a beautiful hill station located in Visakhapatnam district of Andhra Pradesh state, India. Araku Valley is located at a distance of about 111 km from the city of Visakhapatnam. Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh is also often called Ooty of Andhra. Visakhapatnam Tourism In Hindi Visakhapatnam city is one of the attractive tourist places in the Eastern Ghats inhabited by various tribes. Araku Valley is one of the major tourist destinations in South India.

40. विजयबाड़ा – Vijaywada


A good place to visit in South India is located on the banks of the Krishna River in Vijayabada, Andhra Pradesh. The word Vijayawada means "land of victory" and is named after the city's goddess Kanak Durga, also known as Vijaya. The city is also famous by the name Bejwada which is the old name of the city. Today, Vijayawada is known as an important trade and commerce center of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

41. विशाखापट्टनम – Visakhapatnam


Visakhapatnam is the capital of Andhra Pradesh and the largest city in the state. The resident of Visakhapatnam is called Vizag. Apart from this, Visakhapatnam is called Goa of the East or Jewel of the East Coast. It is primarily an industrial city, but Visakhapatnam also attracts tourists due to its amazing sandy beaches, attractive parks, Buddhist relic sites and nearby scenic spots such as Araku Valley.

42. बेलम गुफाएं – Belum Caves

Belum Caves

Balam Caves are a major attraction of South India tourism. These caves are among the second longest and mysterious caves in India. This cave is located in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh and attracts tourists.

43. पापिकोंडालु – Papikondalu


Papikondalu is one of the prominent places to visit in South India and offers breathtaking views of the Godavari River. This beautiful place is located in Rajahmundry. After going close to the hills, you start to see the width of Godavari river narrow. Tourists come in large numbers to visit this beautiful place.

44. गंडिकोटा – Gandikota


Gandikota tourist places are located on the right end of the Pennar River in Kadapa district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, South India. The major attraction here is a spectacular downhill trek through the valley through the river bank. Tourists visit this beautiful place in large numbers.

45. हॉर्सले हिल्स – Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills, located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh state of Southern India tourism, is a beautiful scenic spot that attracts tourists. Horsley Hills or Horsley Konda symbolize the scenic beauty on both sides of the road, furnished with beautiful vegetation and dense trees. For your information, let us know that adventure lovers visit this place a lot.

46. हैदराबाद – Hyderabad


Hyderabad is one of the busiest and important cities in South India. Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is a city that has always savored the colors of the past and the glamor of the present with delicious cuisine. There are a large number of tourist places to visit in Hyderabad.The city attracts tourists from all over the world for its unique heritage monuments, food and amazing culture. Hyderabad is more famous for Biryani and Charminar.

47. वारंगल – Warangal Tourism

Warangal Tourism

Warangal, the famous tourist destination of South India, depicts man-made structures as well as natural beauty. South India This Warangal tourist destination gives you the experience of wandering in the era of kings and queens. Tourists come from far and wide to enjoy the beauty of Warangal.

48. पांडूचेरी – Pondicherry Tourism

Pondicherry Tourism

Pondicherry is a beautiful city in South India which is famous among tourists for a district french flavor and a delightful holiday. In Pondicherry (Puducherry), you get a beautiful view of French architecture with colorful paintings painted all around the house. In Pondicherry, you will get to enjoy the historical buildings, churches and temples of the colonial era.

49. लक्षद्वीप – Lakshadweep


Lakshadweep is a beautiful place of South India tourism, which is known for its sea beach and white sand. For your information, let us know that Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory of India which is very popular among tourists for holiday.

50. अंडमान – Andaman


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are among the most famous tourist destinations in South India, known for their beautiful crystalline waters and backwaters. Adventure enthusiasts love visiting this place very much. The best time to visit Andaman is between October to March.


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