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Places to visit in Kota Rajasthan with seven wonders park

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Located on the banks of the Chambal River, Kota is a historic city in the Indian state of Rajasthan, which is known for its ancient structures and significance attached to the past. You can see tourist attractions like forts, palaces, gardens etc. This city was once an important part of the Rajput kingdom of Bundi. In addition to the ancient sites, many religious sites are also present here. Apart from this, you can also see wildlife here closely.

Overall Kota is an ideal place to spend a wonderful holiday, where you can plan with your family or friends. Through this article, know how Kota can make you happy in terms of tourism.
Places to visit in Kota Rajasthan

You can start the Chambal Park Kota excursion from the famous tourist place Chambal Park here. This beautiful garden is located in the Amar Niwas near the Chambal River. This place is an ideal option to have a picnic, where you can come with your family or friends. A small pond is also present in this garden, where you can see crocodiles. A small bridge has also been built on this pond, with the help of which tourists can cross both the ponds. It is a very special place for family excursions.

Jagmandir Palace & Kishore Lake

After Chambal Park, you can plan a trip to Jagmandir Palace & Kishore Lake. For photography enthusiasts, this place is no less a paradise. Jagamandir Mahal is situated amidst an artificial lake named Kishore. This palace was built for royal entertainment by the former queen of Kota, while the lake was built by Dehra Deh, the prince of Bundi. Apart from seeing this palace, you can also take a tour of the lake here. Boating facilities are available in the lake.

Godavari Dham Temple

There are many tourist attractions near the Chambal River, including the Godavari Dham Temple. This temple attracts hundreds of devotees throughout the year. This temple is built of beautiful white marble, whose sky-towered minarets are worth seeing. The architecture of the temple can attract anyone's attention. You can visit this temple for spiritual experience.

Pass Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from the historical places, you can enjoy the exciting walks of wildlife sanctuary here. The Pass Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important tourist destinations of Kota. This forest area is very popular for its rich biodiversity, where you can see various flora and fauna along with innumerable fauna. Among animals, you can see tiger, unicorn, deer, wolf, bear, leopard etc. To make your Kota journey memorable, you can visit this sanctuary.

Seven Wonder Park

Places to visit in Kota

You can enjoy a tour of Seven Wonder Park, one of the most spectacular places in Kota, with dedicated places. If you have not seen the seven wonders of the world yet, then by visiting this garden, you can get the privilege of seeing these wonders.In fact, in this particular park, there are replicas of structures called Seven Wonders. In this park one can see the model of Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Pyramid, Tower of Pisa, Collegium, Statue of Liberty, Christ the Redeemer. Evening is the ideal time to visit this park. This is a special place, do come here once.

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