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Dawki and Mawlynnong Day Tour From Shillong

Dawki and Mawlynnong Day Tour From Shillong | Living Root Bridge Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong is a beautiful village just 90 km away from Shillong.The village is termed as God’s own garden because of its scenic beauty and cleanliness.And Dawki is a town in the west Jayanti hill district of Meghalaya which is situated atthe border of India and Bangladesh.The most famous site of this place is the suspension bridge over the river Umngot.Here is a one day tour of Mawlynnong and Dawki from Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya.The best time to visit these places is just after Monsoon so that you can enjoy the fresh green hills and gushing waterfalls of the surrounding area.It is better to book a taxi or private car for this tour from Shillong.The fare will be within Rs3000. There are also bus services available from Shillong for this trip which is a cheaperoption.We hired a car from Shillong for this trip.

Dawki and Mawlynnong Day Tour From Shillong

We started our journey at around 8Am in the morning for this tour.If you are visiting these places then try to start early to avoid traffic jam in Shillong.Crossing the main Shillong city, you will see a clean and well maintained road that passes through the green mountains.On this way, first, stop at a viewpoint.The entry fee here is Rs10 per head for adults and Rs 5 per child.Enjoy the stunning views of the mountains from here.Moving further through the forest covered mountains, reach Pynursla, the small Panchayet village of east Khasi hills.Here you can see the local market on your way.Moving a little ahead the road passes through the mountain forest.This road is not like the other hilly roads of this region.This is a narrow road and here you will observe that numerous trees lean over the road.Moreover, the surrounding is extremely calm and quiet, you can hear the sounds of cricketon this road.At the end of this narrow road there is the car parking space of the Riwai village.Riwai is a small Khasi tribal village.After car parking space, you have to cover the village tour on foot.Like other places in this region, you will find this place extremely clean.

There are little gardens in front of every single house here.After entering the village start walking through the narrow stone path.The path here is well maintained and clean.You will find some fast food and handicraft stalls on the side of this path.After walking for 4-5 minutes through this stone path, you will come to the top of asteep staircase.From here start climbing down.After few steps you will come to the ticket counter.Purchase tickets to enter into the living-root bridge.The entry fee to the bridge is Rs40 per person and the camera charge is Rs20.After the ticket counter the steps are made with natural rocks and are very steep at somepoints.So, watch carefully while going down or climbing up.This living root bridge is built over a flowing river inside the forest.You can get down to the river base crossing the big boulders and enjoy yourself.

The lush green surrounding of the place also needs a special mention.From the car parking space, it will be a 15-20 minutes long walk to reach the living rootbridge. From here go to visit Mawlynnong, which is declared as the cleanest village of Asia.At the entrance of the Mawlynnong village, there is a car parking area where you will find some eateries and souvenir shops.You may enjoy your lunch at one of the eateries here.The village is extremely clean.The roads, houses, and the local handicraft shops everything is neat and clean.But, at present, this place is a bit crowded and you may find traces of commercialization.However, a walk through the path of this village is enjoyable.Here you can climb up the bamboo watchtower from where you can get a beautiful view ofthe nearby Bangladesh border.From Mawlynnong, go to visit Dawki.Dawki is a small town located in Meghalaya.On your way to Dawki from Mawlynnong, you can see the Bangladesh border.On the same route first, stop at a beautiful waterfall.Crossing, this waterfall, it will be an hour-long drive to reach the banks of the Umngot riverof Dawki town.This is the most prominent tourist spot in the region.The view of the river from the top of Jayantia hills is stunning.Get down several steps to reach the riverbed and enjoy boating here.The suspension bridge over this river is another tourist attraction of the place.The water of the Umngot River is crystal clear.In some places, you can even clearly see the bottom of the river.Every day, local people come here for fishing.A walk on the small island in this river is very refreshing.We went there at the time of sunset and observed a remarkable sunset from there.In all these places you may not find ample hotels or homestays.It is better to complete this trip in a single day and return to Shillong for night-stay.


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  2. Shillong Tour Packages Hey loved reading your blog, must say that I can fully relate. Was checking out such genres to start up my own.Thankyou. Shillong Honeymoon Packages


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