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Travel Jaipur | Hawa Mahal | City Palace | Jantar Mantar | Rajasthan

Travel Jaipur | Hawa Mahal | City Palace | Jantar Mantar | Rajasthan

Hey guys! Good Morning!Im Randeep Chahar! And we are in the city of Jaipur this time.And we have mad plans to explore the historic places here. We have booked our stay at Ramada Hotel, via Goibibo, which costed us approximately ₹5000 for 2 people for 2 nights. And the hotel staff was kind enough to allot us a room before the check-in time as we had reached quite earlier So todays plan includes exploring the Jantar Mantar,Hawa Mahal, City Palace and Amer Fort.Im all ready  dressed up, so lets see how it goes today.Jantar Mantar is actually an astro nomical observatory.Its local name is Jantar Mantar. Jantar meansinstrument, and Mantar means calculations.These are astronomy and astrology related instruments.Astronomy and astrological observations were carried out here, so this place is named as Jantar Mantar.King Sawai Jai Singh II was king of this place in 1728.He established Jaipur,as well as Jantar Mantar.He built Jantar Mantar at places, Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi, Mathura and Jaipur.But if you check currently,in all these places, only this Jantar Mantar is functioning properly. Rest all are not functioning enough to carry out observations.Its name is Jai Prakash.It is divided in 2 parts: Jai Prakash A andJai Prakash B. The gap seen in Jai Prakash Ais fixed in Jai Prakash B andvice versa. If we combine bothit forms a structure like a bowl. Theyre complementary to each other.Due to being complementary, Jai Prakash A works for an hour andJai Prakash B works for next hour, alternately.We can know current Sunsign with this instrument.There are total 12 Sunsigns. 6 are in north hemisphere and 6 are in south hemisphere.If sun is in north hemisphere, we can find north hemisphereis in which Sunsign currently.With this instrument, we can find out inclination angle.The earth is actually tilted,max 23.5° in north and 23.5° insouth.Where is sun currently?In north hemisphere. But sun can never be in north or south, it is always fixed.If we keep a rod here in center, its shadow will appear hereif sun is in north, the shadow will appear on right and if it is in south, then on left.The equator is in center. The distance of shadow from centershows the tilting angle.The correct time to check the angle is at 12:00 pm Because the sun will be on the top.Thank you so much!After visiting Jantar Mantarwe took the local auto to travel toHawa Mahal, which is quite near byAnd the auto charged us ₹100 to visit3 places  he waited for us outside the palaces  locations,till the time we reached  roamed inside.Hawa Mahal was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singhin 1799 for the royal ladies or queens.This is the main area of the palace, where kinnars used toperform dances for the royal ladies.Its a 5 storeyed palace and there are in total953 small windows or jharokhasbuilt for them to see the city proceedingsand entertainment programs. These jharokhasalso keep the palace cool by its greatair circulation pattern.The royal ladies could have a great viewof the city through these huge balconies and windows.These glasses were used, so that the ladiescould see outside the chamber through themand one cannot see inside the palace from outside.The jharokhas which circulate fresh air into the palaceand queens could also see the main centerMales were actually not allowed to enter the palaceat that time so kinnarswere only responsible for the service of the royal ladies. Jaipurs first king wasJai Singh II,he established Jaipur in 1727 That is Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. Jaipurs name is derived from his name Jaigradh fort and Jantar Mantar were also named from his name. He knew 17 languages and he made Jantar Mantarat 5 places.Jaipur,Delhi, Ujjain, Varanasi and Mathura. The main Jantar Mantar is in Jaipur.Its the biggest and was built at last.The yellow building which you can see,its name is Chandra Mahal, because Jaipurs first Kingsfirst wifes name was Chandragupta is the first building of Rajasthan.During that time, the palaces were max. 3 storeyed This was built 7 storeyed at that time. From the top you can see wholeJaipur city.You must have heard,Jaipur is also known as Pink city.In earlier times, the color of the city was yellow.In 1876, Jaipur was repainted with Pink color.to welcome Pince AlbertBecause pink is considered to be a welcoming color The King also built a museum with name, Albert Hall museum,which is located near Birla Mandir. The flag which you can see on that buildingis different from other flags. If it was Indian flag,it would have 3 colors, but this one has 5 colors.Because it indicates thatthe palace is private and notunder the government.Even today, whole income of the palaceis submitted tothe King.More than 1000 employees are currently working under him. The flag indicates whether the King is in the Palace or not.If theres a single flag,it means the King is out of city.When the King enters the City, a quarter size flag will be added to it. The salary to all the employees is given by the King.So the flag is used toinform everyone about his presence.If you can see this flag from the road, while driving you can find out if the King is here or not.You can also visit that palace, ₹3000 per member charge. and ₹1500 for students.There also half tour available in ₹1500and ₹1000 for students.You have 2 more facilities in this plan,first, guide will be included tea, coffee and soft drinks are also included. Jaipurs 10th ruler,Maan Singh IIhe converted few parts of the palace into museum.We can go to see the museum now.This is worlds largestGangajal vessel, it is famous in whole world. It is made of only silver.It took 14000 silver coins, to make this vessel. Its weight is 345 kg andthe capacity is 4091 ltrs. Maharaja Madhav Singh II, Jaipurs 9th ruler and father ofMaan Singh.He used only Ganga water in his whole life.In cooking, drinking, eating, washing clothes, bathing etc.In 1902, Englands queen Victoria invited himthere to attendher sons function.So, he made these 2 vessels to fill Ganga water  took along with him. He also bought them back,so now theyre kept for the public to see.He traveled with these huge vessels in ships,as there were no trains or plane at that time.When a guest comes at our home,we have a separate room for them.The kings guests were Hindu, Mughals  British.So this guest house was built for all three.It is designed with all 3 kind of architectures. In the first one you can see small temples in the architecture.It is Hindu architecture.On the first floorit has Mughal design. So it indicates Mughal architecture.And on the terrace,you can see the cross sign for Christians. You must have seen or heard of Taj Mahal in Agra.It looks similar from all 4 sides, this also looks the same from all 4 sides.Also the marble which was used to build Taj Mahal,was also used to build this,along with red stones.When the king converted this in to a museum,it was named text tile gallery.You can see royal clothes of the Kings and Queens inside.We rented a maharaja cab for 2 days so we can drive on our own, and take as much timeas we need at each place.With this we comean end of Episode 1of Jaipur. In next part,were going to visit the Amer Fort and the most haunted site in India, the Bhangarh Fort.

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