Book Jaipur to Ajmer Taxi Service Rs. 1200 One side & Round trip

Jaipur To Ajmer - Tourist Packages To Suit Your Needs  Jaipur to Ajmer Cabs  Why Book a Jaipur to Ajmer cab with Taxi for tour India ? 1 . हम कस्टमर्स से कोई भी किसी प्रकार का hidden चार्ज नहीं लेते है हम हमारी टैक्सी रेट पहले clear कर कर चलते है | 2 . यदि आप अपनी किसी बुकिंग को कैंसिल करना चाहते है तो उसके लिए कोई चार्ज नहीं है | 3 . हम समय पर पिक एंड drop  करते है Jaipur to Ajmer cab के लिए | 4 . आउटस्टेशन राइड्स के लिए हमारे ड्राइवर्स स्पेशली ट्रेनेड है | Jaipur to Ajmer Taxi Fares - Choose from a wide variety of car rental options  जब आप जयपुर से अजमेर के लिए कार किराये पर लेते है , तो आप अपने बजट के हिसाब से जयपुर में सेडान , हैचबैक, इनोवा या टेम्पो यात्रियों के हिसाब से चयन कर सकते है | हम आपको अपनी फैमिली के साथ small tour के लिए हैचबैक की सलाह देते है और थोड़े Long tour के लिए इनोवा सेलेक्ट क्र सकते है और यदि आप किसी ग्रुप टूर के लिए जाना चाहते है तो आप टेम्पू hire  कर सकते है | हमारा Jaipur to Ajmer cab fare बहोत ही किफायती है और आप हमरे साथ बहोत ही बेस्ट पैकेज सेलेक्ट करेंगे

Starting Your Own Tour Business: 4 Tips for a Successful Launch

Starting Your Own Tour Business: 4 Tips for a Successful Launch

Own Tour Busines

Congratulations! You're stepping out into the world of starting your own tour business,and its almost launch time. I've got 4 tips that are key to a successful launch.

First, test everything. Even though your actual launch date will be thereal trial, you should get friends, family members, and peers to test the entire workflow of your business. Including:all forms of booking from walk-in, phone, to online, payments,waivers, merchandise, the tour itself, what to do if your systems go down, and especially emergency protocols. Encourage your testers to get creative and ask questions you wouldn't normally think of,so you can be prepared for all fronts.

Two, set clear goals for the launch and make feedback one of them.Make it clear to the guests participating that feedback is crucial,and give them simple and anonymous ways to do so.The best way to do this is to hand out a paper form and clipboard right after the tour so its fresh in their mind, but a follow-up email with an anonymous Google Form attached works as well. Then, set a side some time to carefully go through this feedback. Try not to let your ego get involved and take offense, feedback is a great learning tool and its much easier to change now than half way through your season. 

Three, take pictures of everything. A successful launch is one that gets talked about. Get pictures up on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, and encourage your guests to tag themselves. If a guest posts about you, share and engage with their post.

Number four, invest in rewards. Everyone loves S.W.A.G., so give your guests a piece of your tour. T shirts, water bottles,and other branded SWAG all work, its a nice way to thank your guests for taking a chance on you, and leaves them with a conversation piece.And, if you want some Check front SWAG, I just might be able to help. Drop us a line on Facebook or Twitter.Thanks for reading. For a full guide and checklist on starting your tour business,head on over to our website.


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