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Pushkar -Top 11 places to see I Complete Tour Rare footage of Brahma temple शिव विवाह

Top 11 things to see in Pushkar

Sightseeing palace of pushkar

NAMASKAR! My name is Randeep Chahar Welcome everybody on my new Blog Taxi For Tour. Ive created Taxi for Tour Blog so I can show the world that India is one of the most beautiful country in this world I am going to start my blogging from this place I am sitting at the ghats of Pushkar So Pushkar is a very prominent Hindu pilgrimage town which is surrounded all over by the hill sand at the center of this city you can see behind me the prominent Brahm Sarovar this place has got 52 Ghat sand this is located around 11 Kilometers far from Ajmer which is separated by Nag Pahad so it is said that a Hindu devotee should come to this place once in his life time So, without wasting time lets go and see if I could find some localite sand roam around this city and get to know this place better Taxi For Tour. 

Today, Ive commenced my tour from Lord Brahmas Temple Right now I am with Family, I am staying at his hotel and he asked me for a visit along lets see the one and only in the world Brahma Jis temple Taxi For Tour. This is an ancient temple It is a said to be throne of Sankaracharya of Naga sadhu Its the province of all the 10 Akharas believed.and this a very ancient temple In the whole world there is only one temple of Lord Brahma in Tirthraj pushkar the supreme god Brahma is only worshiped in Tirthraj pushkar Apart from this, you cannot find any other temple of Brahma Ji Bhagwan Narad Ji said something to Mother (Savitri Ji) and Father (Brahma Ji)And because of this a controversy happened between Savitri Ji and Brahma Ji so Mata Savitri cursed Lord Brahma Ji that there will be only one temple of Lord Brahma and he will not be worshiped anywhere else in the world and all because of this today, the temple of Mata Savitri is situated on the hill tops Mata Savitri became angry and is still sitting there on top of the hill.and Brahma Ji is sitting here, so thats why it the only temple So, Brahma Ji had two wive sand temples for both the wives are present in Pushkar and you know what these both the temples are located at one of the beautiful most places in Pushkar. You want to see? 

Now I am going to climb up but actually... there is another option so the state government has actually made an easier way to climb up to the mountain Can you see? Yes, its up in the clouds And to see that natural beauty I am going to take the rope trolleys go up in the clouds!Yay, I am up in the cloudsyay!!! :)Chanting Bol Bum (Lord Shivas name, in excitement)52 Ghats are made around the sacred Sarovar of Pushkar Raj and all 52 Ghats are around 1000 to 1500 years old these ghats belong to the period of different kings and emperors like Chauhan Era and Maratha Period to name some but when the Mughals came they destroyed some sacred Ghats then after that from around 17th Century many Indian kings (Raja) and emperors (Maharaja) belonging to different region along with businessmen and merchants helped rebuilding these Ghats one of the prime Ghat from these is Varah Ghat which was made by Aruna Raj Chauhan and along with Ahilya bai Holkars wada In this place 1000 Brahmins were used to eat together at dusk and dawn everyday and, 108 Mahadev Ghat which very unique that is the only temple where you can see 108 Shiva Linga in one view there is very ancient and very beautiful Idol of Surya Narayana So I am going to start my daywith a little trekI am at Pushkar and Pushkar is one place where most of the very renowned sages came and did their meditations, yesterday in the night it rained heavily and the environment is just awesome Dont believe me? 

this is the cave where the sage Vamdev Guru did meditation this cave is absolutely dark right now and I will try to enter it as far as i can got hat was fun this place is known as The Cave of Vamdev RishiVamdev is a great and ancient sage He is so great that he is mentioned in sacred Vedas (Prestigious Hindu Texts)He attained the Brahm knowledge in very early age, one can say he was born with such knowledge He did speechless meditation here[Chanting Religious Mantras]It is said that Dane dane pe likha hai khane wale ka naam [ It is already written how much we will get in our life ]When I started my day , I didnt even think that I will come at this sacred templeand will be fortunate to eat Prasad at this holy place take a look, I am having Prasad hereand right behind meGod himself is sittingthe whole family of Lord Ram is with meToday, I am having my meal at their holy feetI am now going to Gau mukhSo if you seethis place is actually very beautiful if you want to enjoy a small trek during the visit of Pushkaryou must come hereyou will see the real wild life actually the place behind me is called as Gau MukhIt is actually ban Ganga Gau Mukhso this place was actually used by Pandav who stayed here for a while during their exilethis water body is a continous water flowing bodyas you can see there is Gau Mukhthat is a face of a cowthrough that there is a continuous flow of water by which this pond always stays hydratedthis actually became the source of water for the Pandavasso today I am at Ajaypal Temple and this temple was made by King Ajaypalwho was the founder of Ajmerhe made this temple at around 1100 ADand this location is very beautifulif you see this temple, this temple is surrounded by hills all over around and it is all greenindeed a very picturesque location andit is not that far away from Pushkar but the way to this place is amazingly beautiful you must come to this placeso this is my next place in must see places in Pushkar lets 

Namaste my name is Cheenu Parashar, I live here in Pushkar this is our societys prestigious temple there lives goddess who cleanse and forgive the wrongdoings her name is Pap Mochini Mata She forgives the mistake done by man, like killing of cow, cat or any form of life hurting any animal is a very wrong thing in our religion here is is believed that killing of cat is the most eviland the localities visit this temple to seek forgiveness and to get forgiveness one should pray in this temple and donate the miniature silver sculpture of the animal he or she had hurt Ultimately their wrongdoing is forgiven by the goddes sand thats the reason she is called Mata Pap Mochini**[In audible]I studies in the and I am visiting India from pas 5 months to discover the beauties of this ancient culture and so here we can** have some balance and have some good time[unrecognizable]Apart from Pushkar there is another place which is older than Pushkar called as Budha Pushkar these are also a bunch of Ghats which are located at around 5 to 6 Kilometers from Pushkar It is said that when Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb came here and he took a bath in this sarovar..he started growing oldso since then it started to called as Budha Pushkar also this (Budha Pushkar) is more older to Pushkar (and Budha means a person who is grown old)so thats why it is called as Budha Pushkar.. So lets see One thing is very famous in this place that is Malpuas and because of the season of Saavan (Monsoon) going on this is another seasonal dish Malai Ghewar so I specifically came here for this thing onlyto eat thislast time when I came here that was for the first time I had Malpuas and it was deliciousso here I am again to eat it just try it out Amazing so there are 2 another varieties of Malpua sone is Kesar Malpua and another is Gulab Malphua these special varieties just 5 Rupees more expensive but in taste amazing! you must try this and yes adding another thing to the list isyes if you can see so this is Kadi with Kachori these 3 things are very very famous in Pushkar there are 2 shops which are very adjacent to each other you must come to this place you can take this in written that you will fall in love with this food so what do you think night life in this kind of religious town Yes There is a night life In fact this whole town changes as the sun sets down there are different music concerts the bars or cafes they open up they organize some special event like Musical events Yes, there is some special night food life also lets go check outlets see what all this small religious town can offer us HAHA.. lets see, so yes, my pizza and my juice..my drink is here let me enjoy this let me tell youYes, this place has got a night life indeed so I am at a restaurant which in called as La Pizzeriathis restaurant has got the best Continental food so they've got pizza, pastaand here Ive made friends they are couple they are from Israel you can say 

hello you can introduce yourself I am Nethle and I am Alone we are on honeymoon yeah we got married 3 months ago and we are on honeymoon in India and India is the best country in the world Its my third time in India and I am sure I will come back Thank you so really India is actually indeed very beautiful and you actually fall in love so what I am doing I am falling in love with this country How was Pushkar? Wasnt is great it was breath takingly beautiful for me it was an amazing experience what I had in Pushkar this time if you like my work kindly subscribe to my channel And let your friends know by sharing my video to them of Facebook, Whats App Twitter or any social media you are using and tell them that this guy is doing something so I am saying farewell to this holy land of Pushkar And I promise you that I am coming to your city to meet you guys, to explore your city till then May his legacy lives forever Vande Mataram

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