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 Local & Outstation Taxi Service In Jaipur Cabs in Jaipur during Lockdown - Travelling during COVID कोरोनोवायरस महामारी के दौरान सड़क द्वारा ग्राहकों की गतिशीलता को सक्षम करने में Taxifortours सबसे आगे रहा है। इसमें सुरक्षा और सावधानियों के लिए एक सावधानीपूर्वक दृष्टिकोण और सरकारी दिशानिर्देशों का एक सख्त अनुपालन शामिल है। जिन विभिन्न क्षेत्रों में हमने कैब सेवाएँ फिर से शुरू की हैं, वे यहाँ पाए जा सकते हैं। हम लॉकडाउन के दौरान कैब किराए पर लेने के लिए एक वैध COVID-19 यात्रा पास के साथ ग्राहकों की सहायता कर रहे हैं, जो वर्तमान में मई के अंत तक अलग-अलग डिग्री में लगाया जाता है। हम अपने कोरोना योद्धाओं, हमारे ड्राइवरों के आभारी हैं, जो एक टैक्सी में जयपुर से दूसरे शहरों में जाने में लोगों की मदद करने के लिए सड़क पर उतरने को तैयार हैं। Cab Booking in Jaipur Has Never Been this Easy जयपुर राजस्थान की राजधानी है और 1727 में राजा जय सिंह द्वारा स्थापित किया गया था। यह शहर अपने किलों और शाही महलों की वास्तुकला के लिए जाना जाता है। चाहे आप एक पर्यटक हों या जयपुर के मूल निवासी हों, बहुत सार

Kerala Backwater Tour | Kerala Backwater Houseboat | Kerala Backwater Cruise

Kerala Backwater Tour | Kerala Backwater Houseboat | Kerala Backwater Cruise

Indian state Kerala is famous for its beautiful backwaters, picturesque beaches, and stunning scenic beauty.Kerala Backwater is a network of 44 rivers which extends about a distance of 1500 Kms. During your tour to this backwater, you will be exposed to fresh nature, beautiful rivers and rich culture of this God’s own country.Here is a short 5 Nights tour plan of this beautiful Kerala backwater.
Kerala Backwater

Day-1 First, reach Cochin airport from any part of the country.Upon reaching Cochin, check in to your hotel.In the afternoon, take a walk around Cochin beach.

Day-2 On day-2 early in the morning, go for Kochi sightseeing tour.A local cab will charge around Rs. 2900 for this tour.First, go to visit Fort Kochi. This is a seaside town in the southwestern part of Kochi famous for its old Colonialcharm. From there go to visit adjacent Fort Kochi beach.Next, go to see the Chinese fishing net.As per legend, these nets were a gift of the famous Chinese King, Kublai Khan.Fishermen even today use these elaborate conventional fishing nets.From there go to visit Willingdon Island. Willingdon Island is one of the largest man-made islands in India.It is named after the British Viceroy of India Lord Willingdon. The artificial island is the headquarter for the southern naval command of India.The stunning backwaters of Kerala surround this beautiful Island.From there go to visit Mattancherry Palace.Popularly known as the Dutch Palace, the Mattancherry Palace is a Portuguese palace in Mattancherry. Mattancherry Palace is now a museum displaying paraphernalia belonging to the rajas of Kochi.

Day-3 On the 3rd day of your tour go to Alleppey from Kochi. The distance of Alleppey from Kochi is 53 Km via NH66 and it will take around 2 hours to reach Alleppey from Kochi by road.A local car will charge around Rs. 3000 for this trip.Upon reaching Alleppey go to visit Alleppey backwater.Spend the night on Alleppy backwater in a houseboat and watch the local life by theside of the water.You will be charged around Rs 4700 for a day in a houseboat including food.This cruise is famous for amazing views.

Day-4 On day-4, go to Trivandrum from Alleppey. You can avail either car or train to go to Trivandrum from Alleppey. By train, it will take 3 hours to reach Trivandrum from Alleppey. A local car will charge around Rs 2400 for this trip.Train fare is Rs. 60 per person.Upon reaching Trivandrum go to Light House Beach.After reaching Light House beach check in to your hotel.In the evening, walk around the beautiful lighthouse beach.Here you can enjoy delicious local food on the sea beach.

Day-5 On day-5 go for a local sightseeing tour around Trivandrum. A local cab will charge around Rs 1300 for this tour.First, go to visit Poovar Backwater.For the backwater cruise, a reserved boat will charge around Rs 2500 to Rs 3000 depending on the time and number of seats available.Poovar is a small village situated at the southern part of Trivandrum. It is famous for its backwater, untapped beaches, and exotic resorts.Enjoy the stunning views of Kerala backwaters here.From Poovar, go to visit Kovalam beach. Kovalam is the most famous and happening beach in Kerala.The palm backed beach is a little crowded nowadays.If you love fun and adventure activities then this is the right place for you in Kerala.From Kovalam Beach, go to nearby Samudra Beach.This is a pristine beach where you can enjoy the proximity of nature and solitude.

Day-6 On day-6 return back to Trivandrum airport for departure.Where to Stay There are several hotels and home stays available in all places of Kerala.A mid-level hotel will charge between Rs 1500 to 2500 per day.Food will cost around Rs 500 per person per day.The total tour package will cost around Rs 12000 per person.

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