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Bhangarh Fort

Bhangarh Fort

now that its quiet here theyre really sort of waking up now the people aregon. its super dark tigers and leopards have attacked.I actually feel a bit sick I need to get out of here.hi guys welcome back to Taxi For Tour I am currently at Bhangarh fort the most haunted place in all of India. just waiting to lose the Sun so that we can do some paranormal investigations.all right so its almost dark and were just heading towards the front gateshoping that we are able to stay in the town for a little bit after dark but Im already suspecting that a lot of the noises and the disembodiedvoices that have been rumored to come from the town at night which people always think of the ghosts could well be animals. there are a lot of monkeys here. weve probably got a lot of footage during the day and theyre beautiful butnow that its quiet here theyre really sort of waking up now the people aregone. so I I think that I can hear birds I think that I can hear monkeys you canprobably hear them on my camera now, maybe but they kind of sound that little cries. like some of them sound like people crying. theres one going on nowout there somewhere. it does sound creepy but I dont know that thats a ghostalright guys so weve just left Bhangarh Fort and unfortunately we did our best tostay in there as long as we could or try and do a little deal and stay in thereto get some nighttime footage and investigate and its just not possible.its, you know, they say its forbidden and everyone was like "no no no notpossible", but we do have access to is the tomb of the guru who is from one of thelegends and supposedly cursed Bhangarh so were going to go inside and check thisout but were probably gonna go back to the walls of Bhangarh and see if theresanother access point or just talk to them again. you know, were here in India wemay as well try.alright guys who just say - theres a motorbike coming towards us theyregonna tell us to stop filming here...just an update, weve had some security from the fort come over to join us atthis tomb because they told us it isnt safe.theres leopards and tigers in the area and they have been known to kill people,apparently, so this is supposedly connected to a national park so weregonna go in for the quickest look and theyre gonna just stay with usbecause theyre scared for our safety, and that is, I need my torch cuz I cantsee anything, that is probably the most terrifying thing about being here.Theres also like a motorbike or something going on out there on the road that is super loud.we just heard some kind of animal squealing or attacking another animal out there toowhich is concerning hear right after hearing that there is leopards and tigersaround. okay so what were gonna do is we are going to try a Ghost Tube here in thetomb and just walk around and see if we can pick up on anything.This place its pretty cool. Its very nice at night as well...The whole of Bhangarh turned completely different as soon asall the people had left it. I mean it sounded different, its atmosphere wasdifferent. it was a lot more peaceful and just yeah I feel like that animalsalmost came a little bit more to life as well in the dark so. okay so this is aGhost Tube session inside the tomb of Bala Nath and that is pretty coolbecause he is thought to be one of the people who possibly cursed Bhangarh andis one of the reasons why its so haunted and it became a ghost town. I have mylanguage set to Hindi on this. I also cant see any magnetic readings flaring,but what we can do...so Im not sure were gonna be able to pick up any valid EVPs because there isa lot of animal noise, car nois, even though we are in the middle of nowhere, there is a lot of cars thatseem to be zooming around. I think those guys that followed us we can also hear them. Yeah I am notpicking up any magnetic readings or anything here and Im scared of leopardsand such so Im gonna wrap this up now. our friends that were protecting us justleft and were just walking away from the tomb now and I did manage to do acouple of paranormal investigation segments in the dark - though it wasduring the day, within Bhangarh Fort itself so Im just gonna flick back tothose and show you those because theyre a little bit interesting.Wo were in the bowels of the fort now its so scary, its completely dark and it reallysmell. like there is animals, bats, pigeons - I dont know what but theres alot of crap Im going to sa. So I am going to go in here...So, how good can you see on night shot?I can see the walls! I am gonna turn the torch off. this room is completely pitch black and supercreepy. I feel like if they werent other tourists yabbering around it would bepretty scary in here. but yeah I can see why theres a lot ofstories about this place at night. when you go to these places and you finallyget alone in the dark they always seem a lot scarier and thats I think when yourmind can play tricks on you. but a lot of the report paranormal reports to comeout of Bhangarh Fort in particular - disembodied voices, screams, talkingwomens laughter even - a lot of that has been reported by people outside ofthe fort. theyve even seen lights coming from the floor at night when its allclosed off and locked up. its supposed to be a very active location and onethat not a lot of people come to at night because its so difficult to getaccess being forbidden. the Archaeological Survey of India hasactually posted signs forbidding it entry after dark, and a lot of peopletheres a lot of rumors people believe that thats because of the ghosts andthe paranormal activity here and that it can be very dangerous and people cannotexit once they enter, and will never be seen again. all right guys because it hasquieted down a little bit in here and we are alone in the dark I want to reachout and do a spirit box. Im gonna be reaching out in Hindi which I do notspeak. if you do speak Hindi make sure to listen very closely to any words orphrases that I might pick up on this device. it sweeps free radio stations butsome people believe that ghosts can use the device to talk through. Also, pleaseexcuse my very poor Hindi pronunciation. its really not easy so, this is a spiritbox in the bowels of Bhangarh Fort. I just heard a noise down to my right. tsounded like a sweeping scratchy noise.Were you filming then? No I dont think so.Okay.I feel as though it has tried to say some things. I have heard an odd noise come through.I heard a female voice but you were talking.Are you alright? I feel sick from that smell. I have been sick for a few days guys. So it is not paranormal?well maybe. It does smell in here.it might be a phantom smell. haha.I actually feel a bit sick I need to get out of here. all right guys I had to leavethat room because I feel incredibly ill in there. I dont knowwhat it is, probably maybe the smell but I cant stand in there anymore. if youdid hear anything in that session Im gonna be reviewing it, but if theresmaybe Hindi words please let me know if you can translate, but yeah, Im not surethat we picked anything up. right so I just in one of the rooms in in the fortand it was very dark in there and it stunk so bad of bat S***. I felt, Ihad to leave. I felt really sick, and I feel really really faint right now, likeI just felt really dizzy in that room. I dont want to say its paranormal, thereare lots of reports of people being overcome of dizziness in this fort, butIve been sick, deadly sick for at least for - well Ive been sick since I got toIndia for about two weeks, but Ive been deadly sick for about four days and Icant eat, I cant - yeah I feel really not good.but it was just, really come on in that room. maybe its a smell? worst spirit boxsession ever. Can I have some water?all right so weve made our way into another part of the fort and were goingto try and do another spirit box here and see how we go. my last one was cut alittle bit short because I started to feel really nauseous and really reallysick, and I do a little bit here as well. I think a lot of its the smell justbecause Im very sick right now, but yeah were gonna try one here again bereaching out in Hindi*Shrieks* - What? What? Something just f***** tinkled on me. Probably a bat? Well s***fell on my then!So a bat just s*** on me or someting. Idont know what it was and its so gross and I need to get out of here. all rightguys we found another section of Bhangarh Fort to do a spirit box and I feel liketheres not as many bats around in this area at least not their droppings, so Ican breathe a bit easier and I dont feel so sic. so were gonna give it ashot again here and just see if we can reach out and pick up any voices andphrasesI am not sure what they said. one definitely sounded like it said hello but I mean tous, we, you know, we already speak English so its more likely that we would hear aword if it sounds like an English word thats how you would interpret it in ourbrains I guess. so its hard to say where were we actually got anything. if you dospeak Hindi though and youre able to pull out anything has sounded like aword or a name or a phrase even, let me know in the comments below. I wouldreally love and appreciate that.okay theres a big drop here. I cant feel my torch. okay. all right guys Ive managedto swindle a little bit of time inside Bhangarh Fort. its not completely dark.the Sun has set but were still waiting to lose final light. I dont have verymuch time in here at all. the guides have been kind enough to give me 20 minutes,so so I just want to do a quick walk around of the fort and the places thatIve found the creepiest or the place that I couldnt actually stay to do aspirit box. were going to do a ghost tube session. Im hitting record rightnow. its super dark, completely dark in here actually, and very creepy. Im hopingtheres maybe - I can hear a bird out there, and there are some people outthere still including security so if you hear any voices its likely them. howsmagnetic readings looking? theyre quite steady from what Ive seen so far but Ialways look away from them and miss in this fluctuation. I need to add a beeper orsomething. So this is the room that I felt really ill inside us -smells just as bad. it still smells. whats the magnetic rating now? So you know what,theyre quite stable. its interesting. Ohh, when I turned aroundthen they went up, not heaps, but.no more words and when we get words through, theyre coming through in Hindi so Imean they might not mean anything anyway, but I, in the moment dont know what theymean so theyre things that we need to look up afterwards.Theres a bug in there. all right lets walk through - I cant see anything.yeah lets continue down this side. We didnt really explore down here. I think there is a hole in the ground up here so becareful.mmm that looks like a ladder so makeshift ladder.Theres all bugs in here. Theyre not orbs. Dont get excited guys. Should I get in?no, doesnt look safe down there. No theres holes burried down there..Theres another big room. all right so lets go back and look at a couple of other rooms at the back.Ok we just got another word. Did ya? Yep.I cant tell you what it was I think it said "bahay" or something. that was prettycool of them to let us stay in here a little bit, on our own, so yeah, its cool.all right so the area that we were walking through now is apparently connectedto a nature reserve and tigers and leopards have attacked and killedpeople here, and thats terrifying. I cant actually see where we are going. so thefort is up this way I think and were yeah just trying to figure out where f*** Imgoing and hopefully not die. thank you guys so much for watching I hope theyenjoyed this video. if you did please remember to Like comment share andsubscribe. if you after a bit more reading on haunted places Ive visitedhead to AmysCrypt.com and remember guys until next time stay spooky
Text Source - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtx0vI7a0VY

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